About us

CLUI AS is the new Italian Association that groups Automation and Instrumentation Systems Companies, University Research Institutes and Engineering Companies. In fact it is proposed as a technical support tool for companies. The objectives of the Association are: providing technical support to affiliated companies to expose their automation, control and instrumentation needs. Providing tools and support to set up technical specifications and to choose solutions and products (hardware and software) for plant automation systems. Evaluate solutions and products (hardware and software) of automation systems. Evaluating solutions and products that address new technological challenges, eg Industy 4.0. In this regard, appraisal reports of equipment and / or systems and methodological studies will be prepared. Providing Associates with an annual package of free training courses with topics and content defined by the members themselves. The main themes currently considered by CLUI AS are: Control Systems, Ethernet Based and Wireless Industrial Communications, Advanced Diagnostics, Computer Security.

How is CLUI AS organized?

The structure of CLUI AS is composed as follows: Members’ Assembly, all members belong to it. It is the sovereign body that decides on each case concerning the Association. The Board of Directors, led by the Chairman, implements the decisions of the Shareholders’ Meeting with operational autonomy. The Technical Commissions, led by a Coordinator, develop Long Term Projects, also utilizing the university and other external resources. The project teams, led by a Project Manager, develop Finalized Projects and Pre-established Duration, also utilizing the University’s competences and other external resources. The Team Training, is responsible for managing and developing the Annual Training Program. Technical Secretariat, supports the President, Technical Committees, Project Team and Training Team in carrying out their activities.